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Have you thought about adding a 4 in 1 bucket to your tractor?

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If you manage a small farm, then one of the most useful pieces of equipment you own will undoubtedly be the tractor. To earn their place on the farm your tractor will need to be supplied with a range of attachments to allow it to undertake all of the tasks required. Front end loaders have been commonly available for a long time and in more recent times 4 in 1 buckets have also started to gain a place on more farms. Here are three great reasons to consider adding 4 in 1 buckets to your tractor.

Basic scooping

With any tractor, bucket scooping is always going to be the primary function. The bucket on any 4 in 1 attachment should be capable of moving a wide range of material from mulch to soil and even gravel. As long as you maintain a low gear and do not overload the stated working limit of the bucket, you can easily move large amounts of waste material or farm supplies around your property using the attachment on your tractor.

Grading and levelling work

To carry out scooping the bucket must be kept shut. Once the bucket is opened a range of other tasks become possible. The leading jaw boasts a cutting edge that is highly effective for pushing or grading light material. Simply by commencing a forward movement with the tractor you can engage the cutting edge. You may also use the rear-facing jaw of the bucket for levelling work. To accomplish this you will need to place the tractor into reverse. The only caution that must be borne in mind is that you cannot use this tool for excavating. You can level or grade loose material but not break up anything. A backhoe would be a better choice if you wish to loosen the soil prior to grading or levelling.

Picking up and moving

With 4 in 1 buckets you have the ability to clamp the bucket around objects which allows you to to pick them up and transfer them from location to location. When trying to move things it is always best to seize them around the middle to ensure that they are evenly balanced and less likely to twist the bucket to the side while you are trying to move them.

If you would like to understand more about how 4 in 1 buckets could make your working life easier talk to a supplier today.